Recognizing that high-quality maternal and child health (MCH) services are vital to the health of the nation, NCEMCH was established in 1982 at Georgetown University as a national resource to the MCH community. NCEMCH's multidisciplinary staff collaborates with a broad range of federal agencies, corporate and philanthropic partners, professional organizations, and academic institutions. Read More



The MCH Alert is a free weekly electronic newsletter that provides timely reference to research, findings, policy developments, recently released publications, new programs, and initiatives affecting the MCH community. The MCH Alert is currently on hiatus.

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NEW Highlights

5-Minute MCH Program: new series that explores each competency, provides learning opportunities and implementation strategies, and culminates in an interactive learning session with an expert from the field.

NCEMCH has developed new professional resource briefs on Ethics and Professionalism and Communication in support of the MCH Navigator's 5-Minute MCH program.

MCH Navigator Self-Assessment ties training to personal and organizational goals by assessing your knowledge of and skills of the MCH Leadership Competencies.